Martin Warwick is a Human Resources boutique specialized in private bankers. We focus on achieving higher efficiency of organizations and their leaders.

We offer a totally personalized service as part of our commitment. We connect success.

International headquarters in Madrid and Miami

To be closer to people in our areas of action, in two continents.

Global market with epicenter in Spanish and Ibero-American territory

At Martin Warwick, we focus on Spanish and Ibero-American territory, a market in which our specialization provides the best results. This specialization adds to the ability to operate efficiently at any point of the international market.

Systematic market research

Our network of professionals is a dynamic ecosystem. Martin Warwick guarantees at all times a current and valid knowledge of the state of the network thanks to our continuous agenda of trips, meetings and interviews throughout the territory.

Perfect match between talent and personal and professional interests

At Martin Warwick we are not satisfied with covering positions. Our priority is to achieve the creation of lasting professional relationships of mutual interest in the long term. For this we understand the needs of people and organizations, empathize with their interests and catalyze the creation of successful connections.

Headhunting specialists for private banking

Knowledge of bankers with exceptional skills and a valuable networks of clients

Martin Warwick's network is made up of the best private banking professionals in our geographic focus. Bankers who provide, alongside talent and experience, the added value of a vast network of contacts and a broad portfolio of their own clients.

Trust  ·  Commitment  ·  Discretion  ·  Loyalty

Anna Martí


  • Founder & CEO of Martin Warwick
  • Insider vision in the private banking sector
  • Expertise and experience
  • Agility and precision
  • Independence of decision and criterion


Anna Martí

Mireia Camps


  • Headhunter specialist in senior management
  • Expertise in talent analysis and recruitment
  • Motivation and focus towards the best results



Judit de las Heras


  • Expert in restructuring processes
  • Entrepreneur and project leader
  • Commitment, rigor, passion and trust



Dolors Crispi


  • Headhunter specialized in high ICT profiles
  • Expert in the identification and recruitment of talent
  • Efficiency, experience and resolution